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Should you ever have a problem with your LoveJoy Product please know that you do have a warranty in place. This warranty will cover the following issues: Any manufacturer defect with materials or workmanship. Any Body Impressions on the sleeping surface of the product that are 1 ½ inches or greater in depth. In order to take advantage of this warranty you MUST contact the store in which you purchased the product. In most cases, the retail sleep shop will require the original receipt in order to start the warranty process. If you purchased your product directly from our LoveJoyUSA.com Website you may fill out a warranty form online. If you purchased from a retail shop filling an online form out will NOT help you. There may be some cost involved with a warranty claim if an in home inspection is necessary. Your LoveJoy mattress must be supported by some type of foundation. This may include a box spring, foundation, floor, or platform bed. There is No Comfort warranty neither expressed nor implied on this product. The sleep shop from where you purchased may offer some type of comfort warranty within their own guidelines and policies. If your mattress has any type of stain, no matter how small, your warranty is automatically void.

Your warranty will not cover: In home inspections. LoveJoy product with any stain. Any dip (Body Impression) less than 1 ½ inch in depth. Comfort issues. Associated transportation costs. Sheets not fitting on the product. Body Impressions due to lack of support under mattress. Zippers being pulled off or miss-treated. Height of product. Outer mattress cover.

If you think that you may have a warranty issue you can start the Warranty Process here.